We’re in the Wall Street Journal!

Mustafah Abdulaziz photo for the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal ran a great article about my mom and I!  Here is the link to read the full article, but I’ll pull out some of the bits that talk about my art:

“Ms. Lee, after living the itinerant life of a rock climber and a model for outdoor-gear companies since she graduated from college—and living out of dumpsters, her mother volunteered (but more about that in a moment)—recently moved to Brooklyn and is studying painting at the Grand Central Academy of Art. I can report without exaggeration, based on a recent visit, that she’s a landscape painter of great promise….

Ms. Lee’s figure studies are as elegant and feel as confident as an Ingres. I also loved a small Vermont landscape that reminded me of college. She said she’s baffled by much of contemporary art: “It’s all about shock. You get to the point where people aren’t shocked anymore.

“A lot of contemporary art seems to be about the inner struggle of the artist,” she said. “It’s not about the execution. The way I approach art it’s not about me at all. It’s just trying to be faithful to nature.”

But about that dumpster: “I spent 10 years pursuing climbing and a life in the mountains and lived in a school bus for a while powered with vegetable oil,” she said. “And eating out of dumpsters. It went really well. Trader Joe’s was the best. They individually wrap everything. If one egg breaks they throw out the whole box.”

While I was there, a gentleman who had found Ms. Lee on Facebook and collects the art of her teachers dropped by and purchased one of her figure drawings (she would go on to sell four more works Saturday). Afterwards, he told her she was underpriced, and reminded her to buy those red dots artists place beside sold paintings.

“Yes!” she shouted as soon as he was out the door but still well within earshot.” — Ralph Gardner for the Wall Street Journal


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