Inspiration / Procrastination

Carlos de Haes (Brussels, 1826-Madrid, 1898) La canal de Mancorbo en los Picos de Europa (1876) Oil on canvas. 168 x 123 cm. Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

We have 4 days of class left and normally I don’t have any time to be poking around on the internet … and tonight I should be packing boxes so I can move out of my room on Saturday for the summer… SUMMER!!!! It is so close! Packing my collection of art books was a little sad because I’ve just been too busy to pay any attention to them all year. I had to stop and pore over a few of my favorites to soak in some inspiration for the summer ahead. Here are a few images I could dig up online to share what kind of paintings are on my mind right now:

Ivan Shishkin

I can’t get enough of Shishkin, and I haven’t even seen any of his paintings in person yet. They’re all huge (think 7-10 feet wide) so these little jpegs will hardly do justice to the power of the real thing. Although the one above looks as if it could be a plein air sketch. Some day I am going to Russia just to see these!

Ivan Shishkin

William-Adolphe Bouguereau

In the Woods, 1855 Asher B. Durand (American, 1796–1886) Oil on canvas 60 3/4 x 48 in.

by Frederic Edwin Church

Clouds Over Olana by Frederic Edwin Church

Sanford Robinson Gifford

Uplands and Sky by Adrian Stokes, 1886-8

Arabian Coast by Vsevolod Bazhenov 1908-1986


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