Hometown Roots

I saw this spot on my morning trail run near dad's house and returned to paint it afterwards

I’m on the bus back to NYC after a very brief 4 day trip to Vermont to catch up with my Dad and reconnect with my hometown community.  I’ve been traveling and living all over the country since I was about 18 years old, but nothing compares to the feeling of roots I have in the land where I grew up.  Over the years I’ve been able to come back a lot and I always draw a lot of strength and energy from my time in Vermont.  On this trip, I knew I only had four days, but I thought I would still have time to paint – which is typical of me to try and do way too many things in a short amount of time.  Whenever I get out of New York, freak out and want to paint everything I see.  Even the weeds on the side of the highway look exciting!  On my first day home, I was able to carve out a few hours to paint, but after that I got swept away by trail running, yoga, hiking, and projects with Dad.  There’s never enough hours in the day!

The yellow flowers were beautiful under the gray sky ... but I didn't have time to finish the foreground

The yellow flowers were beautiful under the gray sky...

Whenever I come home, I make it a priority to check in with my yoga teacher Christine at Bristol Yoga Shala.  I’ve been practicing yoga for 12 years now, and with Christine for the past ten years learning Ashtanga.   My yoga practice has grown slowly over the years, but at this point my Ashtanga practice is a daily routine and a huge source of positive energy in my life.  Most of the time I practice on my own, so my brief visits with Christine are really important opportunities for me to tune up my asanas and get some instruction.  I always learn something new that helps my practice evolve and I leave inspired to keep it up.  It’s pretty amazing to step into Bristol Yoga on a Sunday morning and practice with 15 other super fit yogi-ninjas -many of them are over the age of 50 and totally killing it!  I’m gonna be that kind of old lady – doing handstands and back flips when I’m 65.

Bristol Yoga team spirit ... that's me in the upper right corner doing Warrior I in the Merced River


While we practice yoga Gracie is on the stairs doing her own asanas


Christine Hoar, a wonderful friend, teacher, and mentor in my life!


Hiking up Mt. Abe with Dad

Every time I come home, I hike or run up the Battell trail on Mt. Abraham – 6 miles car-to-car with 360 degree views at the top.  This time Dad and I hiked it together – the weather was perfect and we didn’t see anyone else out there all day.  Dad is a super tough guy.  After getting crushed under a tree in a logging accident 2 years ago (he was trapped under a huge maple tree for 6 hours in a blizzard before he performed a heroic self-rescue) he had knee replacement surgery a year ago. This hasn’t slowed him down much – he’s still charging around in the mountains, and even skied Tuckerman’s Ravine this past spring.

The view west - looking out over out hometown and beyond to Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks


our summiut mug shot


hiking Mt. Abe with Dad & Fred on Christmas Eve last winter

One of my missions on this trip was to enlist Dad’s help to make some painting panels in his shop using his table saw.  After our first batch last summer, I had some ideas for design improvements, and we went right to work.  Once we got going, our production got a bit out of control and we both ended up spending most of the weekend on this project.  But I tell you what – I won’t be worried about running out of painting panels any time soon!

At Charlie and Em's Panel Factory


Here they are - 1/4" birch veneer, poly gloss on back, C13 & C15 linen on front. And that's not even all of them!


The Bristol farmer's market was quite a scene!

A lot of my close friends from childhood have settled down and built their lives in our hometown, and we have a really vibrant community full of artists, musicians, creative people, small farms and businesses.  I had the perfect opportunity to catch up with everyone at once at the farmer’s market.  It was amazing and delightful to run into so many old friends and see them with kids and families!  I must say, wow you guys have been busy!  This town is crawling with little ones – I’m so excited for them to be able to raise their kids together in such a great place.

Bay with brand new twins Scarlet and Magnolia


Silas & Levi


Josiah rocks out with one of the girls


Josiah, Rory, and their boys.


home sweet home ... another trip that felt way too short!










2 thoughts on “Hometown Roots

  1. Plein Air – Beautiful
    Yoga – Ouch, did something to my knee getting up from the table yesterday (Am i that old)
    Family – Looks like a fun, handsome, and full of life family
    Thanks for sharing!

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