Surviving the Hurricane

The view of Manhattan from our neighborhood in Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon.

Well, I got back to New York just in time for the earthquake and the hurricane.  My apartment in Greenpoint was only one block away from the mandatory evacuation zone, with what looked like a likely possibility of flooding and the nearest dry land being two miles away.  My roommate Sonya and I prepared for the worst, but we wanted to stay since we can both get a lot of work done on a stormy day stuck at home.  Sonya Kitchell is a very talented musician and I love listening to her practice while I’m painting in my room. (Download a free song by Sonya here)

during the worst of it my skylight started leaking, but my plein air painting rig saved the day

Taddy's Pond, 12"x9" oil on linen, 2011. This was the last painting I did before coming back to the city.


















We went out and bought some wine, stocked up on drinking water and food, and ate a cozy dinner while we listened to the rain beat down on our skylights.  I spent the weekend painting and listening to Sonya play her new piano.  When the storm passed, our neighbors brought over all their hurricane provisions and we had two more nights of feasting and merriment before the city resumed it’s usual fast pace and we all went back to work.  We’re all grateful that the storm didn’t do more damage around here, especially with the huge waste water treatment plant on the banks of Newton Creek around the corner (yuk).

Then I dragged out this one from storage. I had started it 2 years ago after my first summer at the Hudson River Fellowship. After two more years of learning and experience, I'm having a much easier time painting from imagination and memory.

Periodically checking the weather ... is it safe to go out yet? I was a bit disappointed in the weak hurricane we had in Brooklyn, but also grateful that it wasn't worse.


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