painting in the competition at Sagamore Hill

I just spent the past two days at the Teaching Studios of Art plein air painting competition in Oyster Bay, NY.  I was one of thirty five artists juried into the event and we had 83 acres of beautiful landscape to explore at the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site. The weather was stellar, and I was thrilled to be spending some of the last days of summer in a beautiful place.

artists on the beach at Sagamore Hill



athletic tape saved the day when my tripod broke halfway through the weekend.


We had two days to paint, and at four PM on the second day we had to submit two framed paintings to the gallery, one of which would be chosen to hang in the exhibition that night.  This was my first time painting under these kinds of conditions, and I found the pressure to be just what I needed to blast through some of my hang-ups.  Often I struggle with feeling too slow, getting caught up with details and telling myself I’ll just come back another day to finish the painting.  Working under the time limit, I was able to crank out four small paintings and I learned a lot about what it takes for me to be productive.  Not only did I get to spend two days

My friends from the Hudson River Fellowship- Cesar Santos and Steve Dolan were also in the competition. We painted together on the second day.

in a beautiful place, I got some great paintings out of it and I learned a lot about how to manage my own time and work habits for optimal productivity.







Here's the painting I submitted to the show- Marshes at Eel Creek, 10"x8" oil on linen

A good day’s work – painted, framed, and hung in the show all in one day.


The Exhibit will be on view at the Oyster Bay Historical Society through October 4th, 2011.


20 Summit Street, PO Box 297
Oyster Bay NY 11771


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