November at the Beach

wave study, 8"x6" oil on linen, 2011

Here is my attempt at painting an ocean wave!  I’m lucky enough to be studying with Edward Minoff at the GCA, who is a real master of seascapes.  I’ve been intimidated to try painting moving water of any kind, but after this I’m so excited to keep trying.  It was fun to notice how reflective the water is and how much warm color can be seen in it.  The ocean is so powerful! Winter is setting in fast and I’ll probably have to wait until spring to get my next chance at wave study.

Team Minoff: Repin, Bitsy, & Ted at work

Katie Whipple packing up her easel after a super windy sunset painting session

cold but psyched!

sunset session

a messy and very sand splattered sunset sketch

Edward Minoff, Brendan Johnston, and Bitsy painting on the beach

wearing all my layers


One thought on “November at the Beach

  1. Wonderful post and painting! Waves are hard to paint because they refuse to stand still! I am so impressed with your first try.

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