Fresh Off the Easel – Studies from the GCA

"Maria" oil on canvas 10"x17", 2011

It’s been a while since my last update, but I’ve been painting every day and I finally have two paintings that I’m not totally ashamed to post on the internet!  Before every success there are innumerable failures, but I’m optimistic that the ratio of success to failure will keep improving as I get more experience.  Each painting is an opportunity to learn and I’m feeling incredibly fortunate to be spending my days at the Grand Central Academy where I have the time and freedom to focus on improving technical understanding of the painting process.   I’m in my fourth year of the program, with only five months left.  For the last two months I’ve been studying figure sculpture and figure painting.  The sculpture is so much fun and it really helped me think three dimensionally while I am painting, which is one of the most important things to achieving a sense of form and space on the canvas.  For the next five months I’m going to focus on figure painting.  I would like to get to the point where the effort to “get it right” becomes less labored and the act of painting becomes more fluid and expressive, without sacrificing the clarity of form.  I can’t wait to get back to the studio in 2012!

"John" oil on canvas, 13"x17", 2011

"John" oil on canvas, 13"x17", 2011

my sculpture from last month. I can't take all the credit - I had a lot of help from my teacher Jiwoong Cheh


"St. Joseph's Island across the North Channel" oil on canvas 8"x6" 2011

This is a little plein air painting I started last summer.  I unpacked it last weekend and finished it from memory and imagination.  The sky is completely imaginary, but I’ve done a lot of plein air painting in this location so I remember seeing this happen several times when the water was lit by sun and the sky was dark with clouds.  I still think I should make the water a little darker because water always reflects what the sky is doing … so I guess I’ll repost if I end up changing it again.  I looked at a lot of Ivan Shishkin paintings to see how he painted trees with sunlight on them.  Very helpful!  He is one of my favorite painters ever.



7 thoughts on “Fresh Off the Easel – Studies from the GCA

  1. Hi Emilie, Met you briefly as you were finishing up day of painting at the Art Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont. I thank you for giving me your card. I just finished looking at your Web site. Your work is great. It was a pleasure seeing all that you have accomplished. Look forward to what you post in future. Best wishes to you for 2012.

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