GCA Student Show, Sneak Preview

This Friday night from 5:30-7:30 we have our annual end-of-the-year student show at the GCA.  I’ve been a full time student for the past four years, and now I only have five days of class left.  I’m not prone to emotional reactions, but with every day that slips through my fingers, I feel a bit closer to a teary meltdown!  In my life, this has been the biggest commitment I’ve ever made, and the most demanding.  I am overflowing with gratitude for my family, friends, and teachers who have supported me through this journey and helped me stick with it.  I feel like I’ve had a fierce team of people in my corner who believe in me, and I really couldn’t have done it without them.

Of course I still feel like I’m lifetimes away from being able to paint the way I want to, but at least I now have a good foundation to build on.  The real work begins after school, when I will try to make work that is not just technically proficient, but also thoughtful and expressive.  That’s why I always refer to my paintings as “studies.”  They are the equivalent of the exercises that a dancer does to become strong and nimble before they can attempt to fully express themselves through their bodies.

Anyway, I plan to write more on that subject later, but for now, please take a look at these color studies I’ll be hanging in Friday’s show.  I also have two new larger (15″x 26″)  figure paintings that I’m racing to finish by Friday, and they are the best work I’ve done all year, so I can’t wait to share them, along with some of my other studies from the past year.

This summer promises to be fun and productive.  To start off, I’m teaching a landscape painting workshop from May 30 – June 3 in Manhattan.  Then I’ll be heading up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to get a head start on painting before the Hudson River Fellowship starts on July 16th.  You can stay up to date with the work I produce by subscribing to this blog, following me on facebook, instagram, twitter … all that stuff.  I’ll also start sending out a monthly newsletter if you prefer to have news delivered right to your inbox .  You can sign up for that on my home page.

5.5″x10″, oil on linen

5.5″x7.5″, oil on linen

6″x9.5″, oil on linen.

7″x4.5″ oil on linen

5″x10.5″, oil on linen

5″x9″, oil on linen

3″ x 9.75″, oil on linen

4″x11″, oil on linen. This study is for one of the paintings I’m finishing this week. I plan to paint in those feet and the background by Friday! I will rescan the study and replace this one asap.

5″x9.5″, oil on linen. This study is for the other painting I am finishing this week.  Have to get back to painting that foot soon!


One thought on “GCA Student Show, Sneak Preview

  1. I like your figure work. I think one of the hardest things about figures is to objectively see what you’re looking at. You’ve definitely honed your observation skills. The warm/cool skin coloring is great!

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