November Exhibits

It’s been a very busy season for me here in New York with a packed schedule of art shows, teaching opportunities, and the Union Square open studio event.  All that was dramatically put on hold over the past week while our city has been rocked by the unbelievable disaster that is Hurricane Sandy.  I am incredibly lucky to have survived the event out in Brooklyn without losing power, and since I am painting at home right now I didn’t even have to stop working.  However many of my friends and family are today going on their SIXTH day with no power, no heat, and it is getting cold out!  All in my immediate community seem to be taken care of, and I’m taking a break from painting this weekend to find some ways to volunteer my help elsewhere.

up now in “mood indigo” show

Meanwhile, the show must go on, and I have some updates in the calendar due to Hurricane cancellations at the Salmagundi Club (at 47 5th Avenue) who just got their power back last night:

Up NOW:  “Mood Indigo” in the lower gallery.

Nov.  9, 8 PM: rescheduled auction date for 3rd Auction.

“Sunset from the Highline” to be in plein air exhibit 11/30

Online bidding now!

Nov. 11,  2PM: rescheduled auction date for 2nd Auction (see previous post to view the paintings I have in each of these auctions)

Nov. 14: Annual Member’s Exhibit in the main gallery.

Nov. 30: Plein Air Exhibit in the Patron’s Gallery.  (All paintings created en plein air in Manhattan)

Nov 17, 18 Parallax Art Fair, Prince George Ballroom, NYC, 15 E 27th St


I’m SO excited to be participating in this art fair.  I’ll have 13 paintings here – a mix of figures, still life, and landscape paintings, from small affordable sunset paintings to larger more time-intensive paintings like the painting of “Libby” below.  The weekend-long

Libby, 15×26

event looks to be both inspiring and eye-opening.  I love the spirit behind creator and curator Dr. Chris Barlow’s concept: “Parallax offers an intellectual framework that encourages risk to buy what you actually like for a change—there is nothing worse than making a purchase you like and some ‘specialist’ sneering down their nose at you.”

I’ll be joining 200 established and emerging artists from around the world who were all selected by Dr. Barlow.  This is the fifth edition of  PAF, which started in London and has also been held in Miami and New York.  All work will be for sale with 100% of the sales going directly to the artist.  Really?!  I think Parallax is too good to be true!

Before signing off I want to add a quick link to the Grand Central Academy, where I teach evening cast drawing and landscape painting workshops.  At the Open Studios event we had more than 800 visitors over the weekend and a large number of you were asking for information on these classes!  So check it out: The evening and weekend classes are open to all abilities, even if you are a total beginner! If you are at all interested in the Water Street Atelier, I suggest trying out one of the part time classes to get a feeling for the curriculum.  Email me with questions if you have any.  See you in the cast hall!

p.s.  these paintings sold at the open studio event!  Thank you to the buyers, you’re rocking my world!




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