Open House this Thursday and other News …

My new studio!

Here it is!

News from the studio … It’s been a few months since my last newsletter, but I have some exciting developments to share!  The most significant is that I’ve graduated from painting in my kitchen to having my first real studio space outside the home.  It’s taken a lot of time and energy to find the right space and get set up, but now I am starting to feel my momentum pick up as I get in a good work routine.  I encourage anyone who is interested in buying art to get in touch for a visit – I’m located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.  When the weather warms up, I plan to host an open studio event so stay tuned for that!

On my easel …   You can see a few larger canvases in progress.  The one in the middle is a commission that I’m just about finished with!  I’ve composed this painting using drawings, notes, and plein air paintings that I did on location in the White Mountains last June.  I’ll have the whole project on view at the Grand Central Academy Open House this Thursday night.  I’ve spent the last four years focused on learning the skills I need to create large studio paintings without using any photos for reference, and this is a good chance to show each step of the process and talk about how it is done.  I also teach this method in my workshops and classes, if you are inspired to sign up!

Open House this Thursday night at the GCA!

Last spring I graduated from the four year Water Street Atelier program at the GCA.  Since then I have been teaching workshops and night classes at the school.  Although I’m working on my own now, I couldn’t imagine life without my community of friends and fellow artists at this school!  The quality of the student work keeps getting stronger every year and if you’re in New York, this is a great chance to come see for yourself.  I’ll be bringing my current studio landscape painting in for our open house this Thursday night, so stop in to say hi or to learn about the programs offered.  The GCA is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan in the historic General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen building at 20 West 44th St. 

One of the cast drawings I did as a student at GCA - Laocoon - pencil and paper.

One of the cast drawings I did as a student at GCA – Laocoon – pencil and paper.

Take a class or workshop with me …   On Monday nights I can be found at the Grand Central Academy of Art teaching magic tricks in the cast hall… aka: Cast Drawing.  You’ll learn all about the art of illusion, controlling a limited value range, and turning a two dimensional piece of paper into a three dimensional piece of sculpture using just a pencil and eraser!  Ultimately, this class is all about developing good observation and understanding how to translate optical information for the purpose of drawing and painting.  Cast drawing is the foundation of the classical atelier curriculum, so start here!

Spring Workshop in Brooklyn: I am teaching a weekend workshop in Prospect Park, Brooklyn March 23-24.


During my workshop last spring I taught a sunset painting demo on the highline in NYC.  You can see more photos and read a full account of this workshop on my blog here.

Painting with friends is more fun!  Here we are in New Hampshire last summer.

Painting with friends is more fun! Here we are in New Hampshire last summer.

Summer Workshop in New Hampshire: I am teaching in Jackson NH July 21-24.  We will be working in the same area as the Hudson River Fellowship.  If you’ve ever thought about applying for the fellowship, taking a workshop like this is a great place to start your landscape painting journey!  You can dig through the archives of the GCA blog to see photos and work produced on last summer’s White Mountain adventures.




Sold! the below paintings have found new homes recently.  If you’re interested in seeing a list of what I have available and the prices, please contact me:

Storms on Mt. Madison, oil on linen, 9"x14"

Storms on Mt. Madison, oil on linen, 9″x14″


Glacial Erratic, 8″x6″ oil on canvas


Pale Moon in Desbarats, 6″x8″ oil on linen


2 thoughts on “Open House this Thursday and other News …

  1. Great post, Emilie! Glad to see that you found such a good studio space. It looks fantastic– I like the medium grey walls. I’d really like to have a studio visit the next time I’m in Brooklyn this summer. I had my eye on your “Pale Moon in Desbarats” painting, but I am glad to see that went to a good home anyway.

    Seeing your work (and work similar to it) always makes me want to paint from life! There is this really fun looking immersion program in Italy that I would love to attend, but it is a little much for my pocket book. You can see it here: Anyway, you seem like you would be a good fit for it as well. Those Corot landscape studies…

    • Mike that looks like an amazing adventure! Those Corot landscapes remind me of the climbing trips I took to France and Spain a while ago. I’d love to go back there on a painting trip!

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