Snow! New Paintings From Vermont

Frosty Morning, oil on archival bookboard, 7"x10"

Frosty Morning, oil on archival bookboard, 7″x10″

In late February, Joy Tomasko and I took a spontaneous trip to Stowe, Vermont for some quiet work time.  Joy is writing a play for a fellowship and I focused my energy on painting.  We had perfect winter wonderland conditions with fresh snow coming down every day!

Warm enough!

Warm enough out there!

Afternoon Melt, oil on archival bookboard, 8"x10"

Afternoon Melt, oil on archival bookboard, 8″x10″

Warmth, oil on linen, 8"x6"

Hibernation, oil on linen, 6″x8″

Perhaps my favorite experience of the trip was on this day.  Joy and I took snowshoes and hiked about 3 miles uphill through the forest to reach the Slayton Pasture Cabin – a remote rest stop for nordic skiers on the Trapp Family ski trails.  On our hike through the forest, the snow was falling so thick and fast that I couldn’t imagine painting outside.  It made for a magical hiking experience though.  When we reached the cabin we were wet from the snow but inside was a cozy fire, hot carrot-ginger soup, ham sandwiches, and 7-layer bars!  We spent the afternoon camped out at a table while Joy wrote and I did this small sketch of the cabin interior.  Skiers came and went and the snow continued to pile up outside.  At the end of the day we packed up and slid through the fresh powder snow on our way down the trail as dusk settled in.  It was the perfect day.

the view from outside

the view from outside

after the snow had stopped, on our hike home

on our way home

The Writer

The Playwright

This painting is from a short visit I made to my dear friend Christine’s house.  Gracie is a 14 year old collie who was born on our farm and was part of our family during her early years.  I had a delightful afternoon painting Gracie, sipping tea, and catching up with Christine.  Life is grand!


Gracie’s Corner, 6″x8″, oil on linen



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