New Landscape Painting Workshops in NYC

The last few months have been an exciting time of transition …  I finished off a series of big landscape painting commissions (will share pics soon!), and I’ve been busy helping to launch the new Grand Central Atelier in Long Island City, Queens.  This atelier fills the needs of an evolving community of artists that have come together through the Water Street Atelier and the Grand Central Academy. Located in a 12,000 square foot space lit by specially designed skylights, the new GCA is a collaborative workspace for artists pursuing the methodology of historic ateliers to create drawing, painting and sculpture from life. The space will include a gallery and private studios for artists like myself. There is also shared work-space for artists-in-training and another portion of the studio dedicated to ongoing workshops that meet during the days, weekends, and evenings. Stay tuned for more offerings, including events, exhibitions, competitions, lectures, and parties! We are conveniently located in Long Island City, 20 minutes from Grand Central Station on the 7 train. Below are two workshops I am offering through the new GCA.

Landscape Painting: Plein Air to Studio Process

Tuesdays, 1-5 PM Long Island City waterfront & GCA studios, 46-06 11th St, Queens, NY

painting from memory and sketches, by Emilie Lee

painting from memory and sketches, by Emilie Lee


A successful landscape painting relies on the mastery of nature’s vocabulary and this fluency is best achieved through direct observation from life. However, working only from life can be limiting due to the interference of weather, fleeting light effects, and the constraints of time. This class will introduce a technique that will strengthen your ability to work from memory, liberate your imagination, and instill effective observation habits. No photography!

We will spend the first half of each class session making plein air studies and taking notes on location in the outdoors. With our memories fresh, we will go immediately back to the studio and learn how to use our outdoor studies and our creative vision to create finished paintings that are inspired by nature. We will also study examples of how this method has been employed by artists from the past and present. We will be working on the waterfront of the East River in Long Island City, just three blocks away from the new GCA studios.


weekend workshops in NYC cemeteries, co-taught by myself and Anthony Baus

Oct. 10-12 Green-Wood Cemetery (Fri-Sun) , Oct 17-19 Woodlawn Cemetery (Fri-Sun)

Grant's Tomb, by Anthony Baus, ink wash

Grant’s Tomb, by Anthony Baus, ink wash

Relieve yourself from the darkness of the classroom! In the spirit of Halloween, Emilie Lee and Anthony Baus will be using the backdrop of Green-Wood and Woodlawn cemeteries for the setting of two 3-day landscape workshops. Explore the decorative gravestones, richly ornate mausoleums, and guardian angels that haunt these New York City landmarks. Perhaps we will even commune with the spirits of the deceased!
In plien air fashion artists will be encouraged to complete 2-3 oil paintings and/or ink drawings at each location. Anthony’s instruction will focus on the shortcuts of perspective to accurately depict built structures and properly scale objects from foreground to background. Emilie will introduce an efficient approach to plein air painting, addressing concerns of time management, shifting light conditions, atmospheric perspective, and color in nature.
Good drawing is the foundation of every great painting, and in this workshop, we will spend the first day focused only on drawing, establishing accurate perspective and strong composition. On the second and third days, we will show you how to use your initial drawing as a foundation for your final painting.
Individual critiques will be tailored to suit your personal goals for each weekend. The benefit of two instructors is a rare and special opportunity not to be missed!

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