New Classes in Vermont

In the end of October, I moved to Burlington Vermont, an hour north of my home town. I’ve spent the past seventeen years traveling and living all over the country, seven of them in New York City. In the end, there’s no place like home and I am thrilled that I finally feel ready to put roots down in the community where I grew up. I have a nice big studio in Burlington’s vibrant South End Arts District at the Brickworks space on Pine Street. Starting this Saturday, I’ll be teaching two new classes! I am excited to grow my teaching practice and offer some plein-air workshops in the warmer months, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here are two good classes to get us through the cold winter:

Intro to Landscape Painting: COPYING THE MASTERS. Jan 2-20, Saturdays, 9:30AM-12:30PM $250



Example of a master copy (on the right) of an Ivan Shishkin Painting. 

In each session, artists will choose from a selection of master paintings to copy in grisaille, limited palette, or full color. This is an ideal workshop for those who have little or no experience painting outdoors. Without the added challenge of changing light conditions, inclement weather, and location access, we will be able to focus on developing a logical approach to landscape painting in a controlled environment that can later be applied to actual plein-air painting.

By copying existing paintings, we will learn how a successful painting has been composed and how to approach complex subjects such as foliage, moving water, forest interiors, and clouds. We will focus on identifying value hierarchy while looking for elements of design and composition. Besides being an extremely helpful way to prepare the artist to work outdoors, this exercise will train your eye to be more efficient at recognizing values independently from their color, and giving you more control and organization on your palette.  Think of this as “pre-season training” for landscape painting! When spring arrives, we will be ready to take what we’ve learned from the masters and apply it to the living landscape.

Artists will complete one copy in each studio session. Among the artists we will be focusing on are Ivan Shishkin, Frederick Church, Sanford Gifford, William Trost Richards, and Albert Bierstadt. Artists will be welcome to add to this list or bring in their own ideas for master copies.

EXTENDED POSE PORTRAIT DRAWING, Tues/Thurs 5:30-8:30 PM Jan 5 – 21 $230

During this six-session class, students will spend three sessions on each portrait drawing. Working from a live model, students will have generous time to develop their drawing from a loose block-in using a comparative measurement technique to a fully rendered portrait. Issues of proportion, anatomy, form, and structure will be addressed through individual critiques and instructor demonstrations. This class will be offered again in February with the option to paint in oils.

All classes are held at the Brickworks Art Studios, 266 Pine Street, across the street from Conant Lighting and behind New England Flooring and Tapna Yoga.


NO PLACE LIKE HOME! Here are some pics from my first two months up here: 


4 thoughts on “New Classes in Vermont

  1. Hi Emilie, This is great news. I’m very happy for you. I hope you continued happiness and success in 2016 and beyond.

    Stay safe,



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