March & April Class Schedule

I started teaching at my new studio in Burlington’s South End Arts District two months ago and it’s been so much fun to feel the momentum pick up as more people join the classes. I love being able to share my space with other artists and I am excited to continue! Class size is limited to 5 students at one time, allowing me to work one-on-one with each student to meet their needs. In May I will start offering outdoor painting classes along Burlington’s waterfront where we have some incredible views across Lake Champlain. Stay tuned, spring is around the corner!


IMG_8519I believe that drawing and painting are skills that can be learned through a logical approach and consistent practice. The foundation of good painting is strong drawing, and in my teaching I emphasize observation from life to achieve accurate representation of form and structure. By limiting variables such as color, light, and movement in a controlled studio environment, students can develop confidence in their drawing skills before progressing to more complex subjects, materials, and working conditions. This approach is inspired by the academic curriculum followed by many of the western art tradition’s great masters. Class size is limited to five students to ensure plenty of time for individual instruction and instructor demonstrations.


Choose between Mondays & Thursdays 5:30-8:30 PM or Thursdays 9:00 AM – Noon. 


This is the traditional place to begin with your classical art education. New students will start with exercises from the late 19th century Bargue-Gerome drawing course and then progress to drawing from white plaster casts of Michelangelo’s David (eye, ear, nose, mouth.) We will practice the block-in method, comparative measuring, and form modeling while gaining an understanding of optical illusions and value structure. Because the casts are white, inanimate, and set under stable light conditions, we eliminate many of the dynamic challenges of live figure drawing. Working with the casts will strengthen your observational skills and give you the tools to improve your drawing and painting in all other applications.

New student trial offer: one class for $30, no commitment. To continue, I ask that you commit to at least 4 sessions.

COPYING THE MASTERS: INTRO TO LANDSCAPE PAINTING. SATURDAYS, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM until May 1st, then we will be painting outside during this time slot! 

IMG_2016In this class, we will be copying master landscape paintings by artists such as Sanford Gifford, Frederick Church, and Ivan Shishkin. Master copies are a great way to learn what makes a successful painting – strong composition, organized value structure, color palette, and expressive brushwork can all be considered while working closely with the works of these iconic landscape painters. This class is good for inexperienced painters and experts alike. If you are a beginner, you will learn a method for developing a painting using an underpainting, palette organization, paint handling, and materials. We may also do some color and value mixing exercises as needed. Again, because of small class size, I am able to tailor this class to the needs of each student.

New student trial offer: first class for $30, no commitment. To continue, I ask that you commit to at least 4 sessions.


20x16In this one day workshop I will demonstrate some of the methods and materials I use to create supports for painting and drawing. Learn how to:

-Build your own archival painting panels out of Dibond or Birch, with raw linen, pre-primed linen, or no linen and just gesso.

– Make cradles for larger panels

– Stretch and prime a gallery-wrapped linen canvas

– Make your own toned paper for drawing and water based media using a variety of materials: graphite powder, shellac, PVA size, ink, and hand made watercolor

– Make your own toned paper for painting – a very economical option for painting supports!

Each student will go home with a 6″x9″ dibond panel and a piece of toned drawing paper to experiment with.

Cost: $45


IMG_4321In this class, a live model will hold the same pose for three sessions (that’s 9 hours!) We just finished the first three sessions of this class, and I am so impressed with how far these students were able to take their drawings given the extended pose. This is a rare opportunity since most life drawing classes focus on the quick gesture drawings or at most 20-30 minute poses. In this class you will learn how to develop a portrait drawing using the block-in method, comparative measurements, and form modeling. Anatomy, abstract shape-finding, optical illusions, and value structure will be discussed. Painting will also be introduced to those who feel ready. This class is fine for beginners too!

New student trial offer: one class for $30, no commitment. $250 for 6 week session.

To sign up for a class please email me:



4 thoughts on “March & April Class Schedule

  1. Wonderfully done. Truly excellent presentation I would sign up…….. But for the distance. Congratulations!

    From Corson Ellis 1 Fifth Ave., Apt 14G NYC, NY 10003 212-677-8903


  2. Congratulations on all that’s going on for you Emilie. This is all positive stuff. I’m very happy for you. Keep doing you!!!

    Stay safe,



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