Teaching Landscape painting at the GCA

In March I went back to New York City to teach at the Grand Central Atelier. It was so fun to re-connect with the amazing community of artists where I myself spent many years as a student, soaking up as much as I could learn.

For this class I focused on teaching master copies using color photocopies out of my art books. It sounds pretty basic, but I’ve been teaching landscape painting to beginners this way for three years now and I truly believe it is one of the most approachable ways to learn painting. It’s a great way to wrap your mind around all the elements of landscape painting in a controlled studio environment before going out into nature to paint “en plein air” So here are some photos from the workshop, with student work and my demo. Thanks for checking it out! – Emilie



in the skylit classroom at Grand Central Atelier


this is my demo for the class


student work my Patricia Scott


student work by Varin Charnyapornpong


catching up with my lady painter friends Savannah Cuff, Katie Whipple, and Liz Beard!

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