New Paintings From Colorado and New Hampshire

Over the past six weeks I’ve been traveling and painting in some amazing places across the Rockies, Great Lakes, and New England.  It’s been a whirlwind tour and I’m excited to share some photos from the field.  There are quite a few new paintings and some good stories to share, so this will have to be spaced out over the next few posts. Stay tuned for more summer updates to follow.

Hunter Creek, oil on linen

Hunter Creek, 8″x12″,  oil on linen

For July 4th, I took a trip with my family to Aspen, Colorado.  It felt so good to be out in the Rockies again! Ever since my years spent traveling and living out west, Colorado has had a special place in my heart. Early morning trail runs through Aspen groves and fields of wildflowers … there’s nothing quite like it.  The days were hot and I sought refuge along Hunter Creek in the mountains above town. I became fascinated by the challenge of painting the elusive qualities of moving water… a theme that captured my imagination everywhere I went on my travels this year.

After Aspen, I had a 24 hour transition in NYC before jetting off to Jackson, NH for the Hudson River Fellowship.  This was my 5th summer as a fellow at this wonderful retreat, where I spent 4 days painting before my next adventure in northern Michigan as a resident artist on Rabbit Island.  More on that experience in my next post!  For now, here are a few paintings from my time at the Fellowship:

oil on linen

Lake in the Mountains, 12″x8″, oil on linen

Sarah Bird

Sarah Bird sussing out our options the morning after a big lightning storm.


Jamie Morren enjoying a quiet morning sketching on the river.

Ellis River, oil on linen

Ellis River, 12″x8″, oil on linen

Jackson Falls, oil on linen

Jackson Falls, 10″x8″,  oil on linen

River Study, oil on bookboard

River Study, 5″x6″, oil on bookboard

And with this I leave you, a parting shot. Until next time!

12 thoughts on “New Paintings From Colorado and New Hampshire

    • Hi Marie, yes I feel very lucky! It’s wonderful to be traveling for my job like this. The only down-side is that I never feel like I can “relax” and enjoy my travels in a vacation-like way … I’m constantly thinking about whether I should be or could be making a painting!

    • Hi Emilie– just saw this reply. I’m headed back to the Thai-Burma border (Jan-May 2014) and will be working with the same arts and crafts studio I helped to establish there. If you (and friends) are looking for an adventurous time you would be welcome to come teach a short (week long?) drawing/painting workshop to a small group of young adults. Part of what I was doing there was teaching general, foundations style drawing.

      You could also experience plein air painting, Thai style. That probably means more ants, mosquitoes, and way more sun. 🙂 Anyway, it is a great program as it helps to give migrant youth from Burma much better options to make a living. Food for thought– happy painting!

  1. Ellis River is fantastic. You got so much into your small canvases . Love Hunter Creek too. Your treatment of water with such a small brush – bravo!

  2. Hi Emily. I’m the guy who was hanging out at Sawyer Pond when you and Sarah were painting there. Nice to see the finished product. Hope all is well and your new year has been off to a good start.

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